About One Community, One Family

  • One Community One Family is a partnership working to improve the System of Care in Southeastern Indiana, particularly for youth with emotional/behavioral issues and their families. OCOF supports evidence-based programs, peer-to-peer support, parent empowerment, as well as system-level work with partner agencies by providing technical assistance in strategic planning, implementing effective practices, social marketing, change implementation, evaluation, and trainings. OCOF also serves as a venue to regional/community planning to address the needs of human services organizations and those entities that interact with children and families.

  • Our Mission Statement:
  • A community partnership facilitating an evidence supported System of Care approach that promotes the wellness of children and families.

  • What is a System of Care?
  • System of Care is a framework of collaboration across agencies, families, and youth with the goal of improving services and supports for all youth. This requires a commitment to expanding and transforming systems and communities in order to better support families. The focus is upon both direct service level work with families and system level work to improve organizations that serve families through a focus upon strengths, needs, and solution-focused efforts across an entire community.

  • Our History:
  • OCOF began as program of Community Mental Health Center, Inc. (CMHC) in 2005 as a champion to lead System of Care development in Southeastern Indiana. An Advisory Board comprised of key stakeholders, including families of youth with system involvement, was formed that first year and began assessing community needs and working towards addressing those needs. Over the years numerous evidenced based programming has been implemented through OCOF as well as an assortment of supports that benefit a variety of partners in improving the System of Care. In 2008, OCOF was awarded a Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration cooperative agreement with the Indiana Division of Mental Health and Addiction to further develop the System of Care. OCOF grew tremendously as a result of this funding and many more partners were impacted thereby improving outcomes for children and families.

    As OCOF grew, the Advisory Board saw a need for OCOF to be an unbiased entity independent of any one organization and thereby benefiting all partners. In 2014, OCOF became a 501(c)3 non-profit agency separate from CMHC and began with a small team of staff and contractors working with parents, youth and partner organizations in continuing to improve the System of Care in Southeastern Indiana to this day.

  • Our Current Initiatives:

    • Project LAUNCH

      Linking Actions for Unmet Needs in Children’s Health.

    • Ind. Systems of Care

      Indiana is actively working to improve the access to and quality of behavioral and mental health services for youth and families.

    • KY-OH-IN Mental Health First Aid Regional Hub

      This regional effort is dedicated to the wide spread dissemination of Mental Health First Aid.

    • SEL3CT

      The South Eastern Local Community Coalitions Collaborative Team (SEL3CT), is committed to reducing underage drinking and substance abuse in their communities.