Incredible Years

  • The Incredible Years Parenting Program is designed to strengthen the parent-child bond, improve effective discipline, and teach parents how to promote a child’s development. Click here to learn more about this evidence-based program.

    OCOF provides workshops that are based on the Incredible Years curriculum; which is designed to help parents address and improve their children’s social skills, emotional regulation, behavior needs, confidence, and school readiness. This program will help build your parenting toolbox with knowledge of essential skills to raise children who are socially, emotionally, and academically competent. This is not a parenting class that tells you how to raise your child. It is a time to learn and share parenting tips and tricks to help build a strong family.

    Each workshop is led by a Parent Coach who is dedicated to linking families to needed resources as well as offering free group workshops to all caregivers with children between the ages of  0 months to 6 years old. Foster parents can also receive training hours for their participation. The Incredible Years Baby Program is partially funded by the Safety PIN Program. To learn more about the Safety PIN Program, click here.

  • Benefits of participating:
    • FREE parenting book
    • FREE child care during the workshop
    • FREE snack or small meal
    • Foster parents earn training hours for attending the program!
    • You will learn how to strengthen your family.
    • You get to have some fun! All while de-stressing and relaxing!
    • One Community One Family Incredible Years Application
  • Available Workshops:

  • This program is designed for caregivers with children ages 0 – 12 months. Prenatal moms are also invited to attend. This workshop meets weekly for 8 – 10 weeks. The Incredible Years Baby Program is funded by the Safety PIN Program. You will learn how to:

    o Understand how babies learn
    o Learn normal developmental landmarks
    o Recognize when to call the doctor
    o Learn strategies to setup routines and bedtime
    o Know how to inform other infant care providers of baby’s needs
    o Keep babies safe during activities
    o Learn importance of physical, tactile, visual, & auditory stimulation
    o Involve siblings & other family
    o Understand the importance of finding time for oneself to renew energy

    This program is designed for caregivers with children ages 1-3 years. This workshop meets weekly for 12 – 14 weeks. You will learn how to:

    o Understand the value of attention
    o Learn how to end play successfully
    o Promote pre-reading & writing readiness
    o Know how to coach sibling & peer play
    o Shape child behaviors to what parents want
    o Balance power between parent (s) & child
    o Learn to reduce number of commands given to child
    o Establish clear & predictable routines for separating from children
    o Know how to handle children who hit or bite

    This program is designed for caregivers with children ages 3-6 years. This workshop meets weekly for 14 – 16 weeks. You will learn how to:

    o Build a child’s self-esteem & self-concept
    o Build a positive relationship
    o Avoid criticism trap
    o Learn to develop incentive programs
    o Know the difference between bribes & rewards
    o Learn how to coach your children socially, emotionally, & academically
    o Learn how to teach children about family responsibilities
    o Learn ways to give more effective commands
    o Know the importance of consistency and follow through by parents
    o Explain & using Time-Out
    o Learn about logical consequences

  • Locations:

  • Workshops are held in multiple counties throughout Southeastern Indiana.  If you are located in Southeastern Indiana, there is most likely a workshop available in your area.

  • Eligibility:

    • Resident of one of the counties: Franklin, Dearborn, Ohio, Switzerland, Jennings, Decatur, Jefferson, and Ripley.
    • Caregiver of a child between the ages of 0 months to 6 years.  We accept pregnant women into the Parent & Babies Program.
  • How do I sign-up?

  • To register for an Incredible Years group please click here to download an application. You may also submit the information requested in the application via one of the following methods:

    • Email: [email protected]
    • Phone: 812-932-1026, 877-967-6263
    • Mail: One Community One Family, 420 Countly Line Rd Suite C, Batesville, IN 47006